ACL offers bespoke foreign currency solutions to its customers covering importation of goods and services, international business and personal travel, education, medical and living expenses. The products will soon be enhanced to include forward exchange contracts, swaps and options.

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ACL has a suite of money market products designed to satisfy different risk return profiles of investors. These include the following;

  • Fixed term deposit accounts that offer clients a competitive return. (Minimum amount being ZWL$10,000.00).
  • Call deposits
  • Savings accounts
  • Discounted instruments like Bankers Acceptances, Invoice Finance, Promissory Notes and Treasury Bills


ACL is a leading arranger and trader in fixed income instruments. We facilitate and advise on the buying and selling of debt instruments as strips or whole. We also participate in the structuring and placing of tailored medium to long term debt instruments with varying risk profiles and enhanced yields for investors.

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