Pearlspot Enterprises Success Story

Wed May 08, 2019

Pearlspot Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd t/a Oasis Mineral Water was incorporated in Zimbabwe on the 03rd of February 2014 as a purified water distribution business. The Founders and Directors of the business, Lancelot Jena and David Tonderai Jena have been running the purified water distribution since 2010 and they are father and son respectively with 50/50 percentage shareholding. The founders commenced operations at home as a small income generating family business until February 2014 when they decided to open offices at number 81 Selous Avenue in Harare and began operating as Pearlspot Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd t/a Oasis Mineral Water.

Both Directors have had personal facilities in ACL books since March 2013 which were drawn down to support the business and have been conducting their accounts to our entire satisfaction indicating that the business has been a success. Some of the granted facilities have since been fully paid off. A Ford Ranger S/Cab truck, 27 Fridges and a Reverse Osmosis Plant were acquired through personal ACL leases. Further working capital facilities were also granted to Lancelot Jena in his personal capacity to support this business. Recently the business was granted an additional facility to acquire to delivery trucks.

The business has evolved to be a well-established going concern with running contracts with reputable retail shops namely; TM Supermarkets, Pick ‘n’ Pay, OK Zimbabwe, OKmart, Bon Marche, Choppies Supermarket, Spar Athienitis and Total Service Stations. We have copies of major contracts with TM, Choppies and OK Zimbabwe on file.

Pearlspot Enterprises currently employees 48 permanent employees split as 29 males and 19 females. The company is providing employment to the unemployed. It is the company’s policy that it employs adults only. Given that this used to be just a family business operating from home we are pleased with the number of jobs that have been created so far.

Access to sufficient quantities of safe water for drinking and domestic uses and also for commercial and industrial applications is critical to health and well-being, and the opportunity to achieve human and economic development. People in many areas in Zimbabwe have historically and currently suffered from inadequate access to safe water. Some must walk long distances just to obtain sufficient water to sustain life. As a result they have had to endure health consequences and have not had the opportunity to develop their resources and capabilities to achieve major improvements in their well-being. With growth of world population the availability of the limited quantities of fresh water decreases. However, Pearlspot has since evolved to alleviate these problems.

The branded purified water was successfully launched into a number of supermarkets and sales are growing steadily. The biggest supply agreement was signed with OK Stores and the product was launched into their 54 supermarkets nationwide. Since commencing these deliveries, sales have significantly increased. Below are some of the images from the business premises situated at number 81 Selous Avenue in Harare. The visit was done on 01 April 2015.

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