Wed Dec 05, 2018

Before I begin with our feedback, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the Team at ACL for believing in Nick’s Motors, in our short term and long terms plans and in the way we conduct our business.

It goes without saying our facility with ACL has allowed us to expand and develop quicker and more efficiently than ever would have been possible before. Prior to our facility our growth was organic even though the demand for our services was great.

Our relationship with ACL has benefited our business more than just on a financial loan basis; our mere association with ACL has heightened our general presence and market position, and added a new layer to our reputation in the industry.

With regards to our Operational impact; our added increase in capacity has allowed us to expand and offer more movable volumes to our current clientele – this of course makes a huge positive impact again on our ability as a service provider as well as development towards growth for the future. We have managed to expand into new markets while ensuring our existing foundation-clients are always supplied with 100% committed capacity.

In line with our vision and policy towards Continuous Improvement, increasing [quality] productivity is always going to be something we strive towards – and with the valued assistance from ACL, not only does this allow us to achieve our goals short term, it creates far more impact for us (positivity) for our long term goals and objectives.   

On financial performance; the facility offered has been incredibly beneficial for not only the company’s growth and sustainability, but also towards making the lives of the individuals that make up our company, better. 

Our turnover, cash flow, and profitability is growing month by month as we inject new units into our fleet. 

Lastly, the representatives of ACL are an absolute joy and a pleasure to work with, both in an informal and professional capacity, their guidance always incredibly obliging

We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with ACL and all the individuals involved.

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