Chloride Zimbabwe impact assessment

Tue Jun 05, 2018

Art Corporation accessed a number of lease facilities to the tune of over $1 Million through its various divisions. The battery division (Chloride Zimbabwe and Battery Express) secured two forklifts including accessories in January 2014 and two pickup trucks in April and September 2014 valued at $187,959.06.

The forklifts and pick-up trucks have transformed the battery division to contributing 67% of the group’s revenues. 

Chloride is now the leading manufacturer of lead acid, automotive batteries sold under the premium Exide brand.  The company, with a staff complement of about 230 is leading in the local market whilst exporting its batteries into the region, covering Zambia, South Africa and Malawi.  Chloride is the main supplier of automotive power and standby batteries in Zimbabwe supplying the mining sector, telecommunications sector, ZESA and backup systems for hospitals, hotels, etc.

The forklifts are used to load battery scrap into the furnaces for production of lead. In the past the company used to do manual loading of scrap. When loading manually they had to switch off the furnaces, allow them to cool as they operate at 1,000°C. This was not only a health hazard but consumed a lot of time and power to reheat the furnaces.

Manual loading

Below are some of the pictures where employees manually loaded scrap into the furnaces (before and after)

Impact of the forklifts and pick-up trucks financed by ACL

  • Incremental revenue by $40,000 to $70,000 per month contributing 67% of the Groups’ revenues up from < 50%
  • Ability to load double amount of scrap to the furnace from 150 tonnes to 300 tonnes per month
  • Efficiency in the lead manufacturing process
  • More friendly working environment
  • Cutting of labour costs
  • Minimising power expenses as the furnace is no longer being switched on and off
  • Increase in market share to 60%
  • Efficiency in delivering the final products

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