ACL has empowered the health sector of the economy for over a decade.  In its trust to promote a technologically driven economy, ACL has supported the medical sector through the acquisition of a wide range of medical equipment for the benefit of Zimbabweans.

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Without African Century assisting us with the financing of the forklifts and pick-up trucks we would not have been able to achieve over 50% increase in revenues per month. We would highly recommend them to help out with your business financing needs.

Chloride Zimbabwe

With the acquisition of 15 delivery trucks in November 2013 Lobels managed to do away with hiring delivery trucks which was an expensive and sometimes unreliable exercise. The 15 trucks played a very crucial role in bringing back the organisation to its previous market position, thank you ACL for believing in us!


With the help from African Century we have now ventured in Paprika production. We hope Paprika will be the future of our business and have great plans as we have a secure market and offtake agreements.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the Team at ACL for believing in Nick’s Motors, in our short term and long terms plans and in the way we conduct our business. Our turnover, cash flow, and profitability is growing month by month as we inject new units into our fleet.


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  • Considered an asset purchase for accounting purposes.
  • Has the economic characteristics of asset ownership.
  • Lessee has obligation to repair the leased equipment and has responsibility for the warranty.
  • Amount of lease payments substantially covers the cost incurred by the lessor in acquiring the asset.


  • The leased equipment itself is usually all that is needed as collateral.
  • Convenience as leasing can be arranged more quickly and simply than conventional loan financing;
  • Lower transaction costs due to reduced costs of assigning collateral, documentation and quicker processing time;
  • Flexibility as lease contracts can be structured to meet the cash flow needs of the lessee;
  • Tax incentives as lessees can offset the interest portion against taxable income as well as capital allowances.
  • The lessee can use cash resources to meet other business needs while capital expenditure is funded through leases.