Over the counter  
Cash withdrawal 3% (Min of ZWL30)
RTGS 1.5% (Min of ZWL500 - Max of ZWL2,500) plus 2% IMT tax
Returned RTGS ZWL500
Individual Internal Transfer - Manual 1% (min of ZWL100 max of ZWL1,000) plus 2% IMT tax
Corporate Internal Transfer - Manual 1% ( min of ZWL 100 max ZWL 1,000) plus 2% IMT tax
OTC Statement Request ZWL50/page
Debit Card Replacement New Chip and Pin debit card/replacement ZWL250
Salary Processing - Internal transfers ZWL70
Salary Processing - RTGS 1.5% (Min of ZWL500 - Max of ZWL2,500) plus 2% IMT tax
Internet Banking  
Individual Internal Transfer - Internet 1% (min of ZWL200 max 1000) plus 2% IMT tax
Corporate Internal Transfer - Internet 1% (min of ZWL200 max 1000) plus 2% IMT tax
Internet Banking RTGS 1% (Min of ZWL200 -Max of ZWL1,000) plus 2% IMT tax
Internet Banking internal Min of ZWL20 -Max of ZWL70 plus 2% IMT tax
Internet Banking token replacement ZWL500
Mobile Banking  
Internal Transfer 1%(Min of ZWL50- Max of ZW400) plus 2% IMT tax
SMS alerts ZWL14
External ZIPIT Transfer 3%(Min of ZWL50- Max of ZWL500) plus 2% IMT tax
Bill Payments - Mobile Banking 1.5% (min of ZWL15 max of ZWL1,500) plus 2% IMT tax
Airtime purchase ZWL10
Monthly Service fees  
Account maintenance fee - Individuals ZWL100
Account maintenance fee - SMEs ZWL500
Account maintenance fee - Corporates ZWL1,500
Debit Card Administration fee ZWL20/month
Minimum Balance and initial deposit  
Minimum Balance - Individuals ZWL1,000
Minimum Balance - Corporates ZWL20,000
Minimum Balance -SME ZWL2,500
Initial Deposit - Individuals ZWL1,000
Initial Deposit - Corporates ZWL20,000
Initial Deposit - SME ZWL2,500
Safe Custody Services  
Safe Custody - Individuals USD50/ Quarter
Safe Custody - Corporates USD100/ Quarter
Safe Custody retrieval USD10
Zimswitch POS Fees  
Purchase below ZWL20 ZWL10
Purchase above ZWL20 up to ZWL100 3% (min ZWL15 max ZWL1,400)
Purchase above ZWL100 3% (min ZWL30 max ZWL1,400)
Balance Enquiry ZWL20
Insufficient funds ZWL20
Cash withdrawal 3% (min ZWL15)
Bank Guarantees  
Bid bond commission 4% (min ZWL2,000 max ZWL100,000)
Other bank guarantees commission 2-5%
Bank Reports  
Category report ZWL50
Full general report ZWL80
Bank to wallet charges  
Transaction of 1-500 ZWL20
Transaction of 501-1,500 ZWL50
Transaction of 1,501 – 2,500 ZWL75
Transaction of more than 2,500 3%
Auditors Certificates  
Certificate of balance ZWL150
Auditors certified return ZWL220
Debit Card Swipe Limit ZWL200,000
ZESA pre-paid MinZWL3 MaxZWL20,000
Airtime No limit
International Banking Charges  
Outward TT-Individual 0.85% min USD30 max USD200
Outward TT- Corporate 1% min USD40 max USD250
Exchange Control Applications Ordinary USD5, Exceptional USD10
CD1,CD3,GSD,TR1,TR2,PTS1 Processing Fee/Export Admin USD 5
TT Recall/Amendment Individual USD30
TT Recall/Amendment Corporate USD100
Letter of credit 3%
USD Nostro charges  
Withdrawal 3.00%
Internal Transfer USD3
Maintenance fees - Individuals USD5
Maintenance fees - Corporates USD15
Statement request USD0.50
Certificate of balance USD5
Auditors Certificates USD10
Minimum balance Individual USD20
Minimum balance SME USD50
Minimum balance Corporates USD150
Lending -Micro loans ZWL  
Minimum lending rate 10% per month
Establishment fee 5%
Application fee 1% min ZWL500
Insurance 1.22%
Corporate Loans and leases ZWL  
Minimum lending rate 50%
Establishment fee 3%
Drawdown fee 2%
Residual value 5%
USD Lending - Micro Loans  
Minimum lending rate 5% per month
USD Corporate loans and leases  
Minimum lending rate 15% per annum
Establishment fee 3%
Application fee - Individuals USD50
Application fee - Corporates USD100
Drawdown fee 2%
Residual Value 5%