Making Global Remitances Easy: ACL x RIA Partnership

Sending and receiving money across borders can be a complex process. However, African Century Limited (ACL) understands the importance of making international remittances seamless and accessible for its customers. That's why ACL has joined forces with Ria Money Transfer, a leading global remittance service provider. This partnership aims to simplify the process of receiving money from abroad.

1. Streamlined Remittance Process:

ACL has integrated Ria Money Transfer services into its digital banking platform, allowing account holders and non-account holders to receive money sent through Ria Money Transfer. The recipient has the option of either receiving cash or a credit/deposit into their respective account (if accountholder).

2. Competitive Rates and Low Fees:

ACL and Ria Money Transfer understand the importance of affordability. Through this partnership, customers can enjoy competitive exchange rates and low transaction fees when sending money internationally. This ensures that individuals and businesses get the best value for their money and maximize their financial resources.

3. Convenient and Secure Transactions:

ACL's partnership with Ria Money Transfer prioritizes convenience and security. Customers can access their funds sent through Ria at any ACL branch of their choice, making the remittance process simple and user-friendly. Additionally, ACL employs robust security measures to safeguard financial information, providing peace of mind during every collection.

4. Requirements for collection:

On collection you only need to bring the following:

  • National ID
  • Order/ Transactional number
  • Cash is always guaranteed!

    African Century Limited's partnership with Ria Money Transfer marks a significant step forward in simplifying global remittances. This collaboration not only streamlines the remittance process but also promotes financial inclusion and economic growth across the continent. ACL and Ria are dedicated to enabling Africans to thrive in a connected world, where receiving money globally is accessible and straightforward.