ACL offers a wide range of business banking products. We have unique selection of product and services. Services provided include: Working Capital facilities, Bank guarantees, Leasing finance for corporates and individuals, Corporate advisory services.


ACL is the leasing finance provider of choice. We offer asset finance in all key sectors of the economy. Our main focus is finance leases.

What is a Finance Lease?

A finance lease is primarily a means of financing the acquisition of an asset without immediately paying cash for it. When an ACL client (lessee) enters into a finance lease arrangement, he is entering into an agreement to buy the asset. This concept is supported by the fact that there is a transfer of the benefits and risks of ownership to the lessee. The difference between the contract of outright sale and this contract is that ownership passes forthwith in a sale agreement whereas in a finance lease it only passes after the lease period has expired, all monthly rentals paid and the residual value settled.

Characteristics of a Finance Lease

The total amount of the lease payments exceeds the purchase price of the asset leased due to the interest levied. The initial period of the lease is equal to what is considered to be the major portion of the asset’s useful life. In fact, with motor vehicles in Zimbabwe, a three-year-old vehicle is considered to be still new and, therefore, the maximum term of the lease is considerably less than the life of the asset. There are also items of larger equipment with longer economic life of up to 60 months and this can be accommodated in ACL’s agreements. The contract is not cancellable by either party to the lease during its initial period. However, early termination is possible where both parties agree to, and provision has been made for, an appropriate settlement. This form of lease is mainly used when financial considerations are paramount. The asset is leased when new and at its most productive stage. The period over which it is leased will not necessarily reduce due to redundancy, meaning it will still retain some residual value, which may be taken into consideration when calculating the rental structure.

Leasing benefits to ACL clients

Leasing can provide up to 100% financing of an asset, with the lessee usually paying an initial rental at the lease onset.
Lease payments can be fixed for the period of the lease on request, making budgeting easier.
The term of the lease is usually proportionate to the asset's most productive economic life.
The lessee enjoys full benefits of the leased asset as if they were the actual owner.
The lease can be structured to offer flexible repayment schedules and negotiation of terms to meet lessee requirements.
Extension and renewal of the lease agreement are possible with the consent of ACL.
Lessees will have access to modern equipment, reducing maintenance costs.
Source of medium-term finance using the leased assets as security.
Hedge against technological obsolescence.